Billionaire Boy

Billionaire Boy

Join Heartbreak Productions, together with Mr Spud and his son Joe, for a very specific garage sale (they used to own 500 garages) - they will be selling their final belongings to raise some money to buy food!


The Formula 1 racing car has already been taken by the bailiffs, but there might be something interesting left so who knows what you might find...


Bring everything you need for a summer evening’s entertainment and meet us at the helicopter pad outside Bumfresh Towers to hear the story of how Mr Spud made his billions, lost it all and how Joe became the richest boy in the world.  And made a friend!


A charming tale love, loss and friendship, Billionaire Boy is both hilarious and poignant.  Grab your picnic and a sense of adventure and join the fun at this exceptional outdoor adaptation of David Walliams’ best-selling children’s book.


Recommended age: 7+

Running time: 2 hours including a 20 minute interval after 50 minutes (approximate timings)

No current performances of this show